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Counselling Therapy for Addiction

Need help with alcohol, drug or other addictions?

Sydney Addiction Therapy is a specialist private mental health counselling service to help you gain control of your life. Get help with substances such as alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine (ice), prescription medication use, or addictive behaviours such as gambling, exercise or internet and phone use.

Alcohol Addiction help?    Gambling addiction help?    Drug & Alcohol Counselling?

Sydney Addiction Therapy offers confidential and in person counselling services with a specialist addiction mental health professional with over 15 years experience working with addiction.

Do You Feel Alone in Addiction?

Alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours like gambling are often part of social life, but eventually what helps us fit in with colleagues, friends and family can have us keeping secrets and isolating from them.

Do You Use to Manage Your Mood?

Managing anxiety, depression and mood swings with alcohol, drugs and prescription meds can offer relief to begin with but over time they stop working and can become part of the problem, not the solution.

Has the Party Become All Day Any Day?

Party drugs like cocaine and ecstasy can create intense experiences and help keep the party going. But if we use them to manage the normal ups and downs  of life, we can get stuck in avoidant patterns unable to make real change. 


How Does Counselling Therapy Work?

Counselling therapy focuses on developing understanding and life skills needed to help change why addiction has become part of our life. We identify  triggers and create the awareness needed to live the best life ...

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Redefining Addiction


"Su you have been kind, patient and resourceful in helping me overcome my personal challenges. I would strongly recommend other people struggling with addictive behaviours to seek your guidance." B. C.

"Hello Su ... as my primary counsellor, you should know that what you did seems still to be working. Not quite sure how, but it does! Thank you" P. Z.

"Hi Su ... I am well, still not even a drop after 10 months ... Being sober is pretty good and surprisingly easy!" L. H.

"After over 10 years of ice use and after several years of attempting to quit on my own, I sought out Su's help. With Su's help, I've been mostly clean this year and have gone from struggling to make 1 month clean to going for 5 months. I'm extremely thankful for Su's ability to be compassionate and easy to talk to while also being forceful when necessary to bring my focus onto the issues that are feeding my addition. I know Su will continue to be an asset for me as I continue to work towards recovery." D. N.

"Dear Su ... Thank you, thank you so very much for the last twenty one months! It has been an incredible journey and I truly appreciate all that you have helped me with! I really am so happy to be me today and for the rest of my life. I so could not have been in such a great place without your guidance and wisdom." N. H.

"Su I have worked with you on and off for many years. Your clear and indisputable insights have helped me grow tremendously over the years. You are extremely kind, honest, and sincere, and I know I wouldn't be where I am today without your loving support and excellent therapeutic skills." H. B.

"I am quite startled at what I've become since I first rolled up, bright-eyed and bewildered, all that time ago. I'm not perfect (yet), but it is nonetheless extraordinary to think sometimes how different things are. The stuff I found incredibly valuable was the life-skills work we did. It's fair to say that this work changed my life, and of course you were the catalyst here and you deserve and have many thanks." W. R.

"Thank you Su. Not only have you transformed my relationship with alcohol, you've most importantly transformed my relationship with myself and those around me. I am very grateful to you for giving me valuable tools to deal with addiction and life." M. R.

"Su, can't thank you enough!

I haven't felt this at ease and at peace - gosh, not since my 20's. Could not have done it without you!" C. D.

"Hi Su, my partner and I got so much out of tonight. We are so glad we came. Thank you. See you next week!" M. T. & P. T.

Need Alcohol Addiction help?    Gambling addiction help?    Drug & Alcohol Counselling?

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